LETTER: Let’s look to wind farms and water power

I thought you may like my views on the wind farm debate.

If you’re no fan of wind farms, that’s your perfect right.

I know some people find them a rather troubling sight.

But please, just think it over, because it must be said

If we don’t give it a chance, what will we do instead?

Oil won’t last forever, coal pollutes the air,

as for nuclear, we don’t know the danger lurking there.

Some say let’s turn to fracking, but maybe it’s to blame

for making the earth tremor and water turn to flame.

They’re no perfect solutions and I believe it’s true,

we should think of power from water, better insulation too.

At least let’s talk it over, something vital to discuss,

for afterall the planet will be here long after us.

Debra Mercer

Admiralty Road, Mablethorpe