LETTER: Lets bring democracy at ELDC into 21st Century

I appreciate seeing what Councillors have to say in your news column.

I note the responses of those ‘seeking help’ from their voting public, but wonder whether it is not time to utilise some electronic voting system using the ELDC website.

There are good ways of getting a secure system and they could provide a solid base to controversial decision issues. Percentages offered in a public debate are extremely difficult to take seriously because they only apply to a very small number of wards.

Let us also face it, some members have a one-sided view and do not seek corroboration for their decision process.

I read the input and questions from the public and the answers. For example, Why did the Council invite bids for the site?

The District Council continually reviews all assets in its ownership to ensure they’re delivering value for money to the taxpayers of East Lindsey. The view of the Council is that this asset is not being used to its fullest potential for the benefit of local tax payers.

Further, the Cattle Market plans whilst bringing a new face to Louth will mean that the centre of the town may lose custom with the circular large shop setting now being formed...ASDA, MORRISON, CO-Ops, LIDL perhaps and possibly others. The radical move would have been to ask what people wanted overall and seek a Master plan.

Now we see arguments, one item at a time rather than positive views on 
major decision in a ten year market and food-store programme.

Surely, it is about time the ELDC Councillors and Officers sought a good collaborative focus group and more democratic ways of getting public views rather than indulgence on some archaic methods of seeking comments.

Patrick Webb

By Email