LETTER: Lets have a local candidate to replace Sir Peter Tapsell

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Having taken some interest in to how the local Conservative Party is choosing Sir Peter’s replacement,

I would like to say that I hope that there are some genuinely local candidates in their final selection and that if not, I believe that they will have betrayed the will of us, the electorate.

I am not sure how the process has come about but I do think it’s important that there is a local choice for people to choose from and not just a list of celebrity candidates and professional politicians, as only a local choice can fully understand the issues that a rural community like ours faces.

As someone who has generally voted Conservative all my life I have nearly always backed Peter Tapsell as he has always done a lot for this area, especially on flooding.

However, with Sir Peter standing down, and I wish him luck in retirement, we now need a replacement that is more than up to the job and I believe that only a local candidate with a genuine understanding of the issues this area faces is good enough.

I am sure that all the ‘eager hopefuls’ are more than capable politicians, but we live in a wonderful area with some major local challenges including flooding and housing development and I for one feel the best choice in this selection is a local choice, who won’t have to bring themselves up to speed, but who can hit the ground running and start dealing with the issues that affect those who live locally and I really do hope that is an option when I go to vote.

I also feel as a small business owner that any candidate who is selected needs to have the experience and understanding that we small business owners are the lifeblood of the local economy and any local candidate with that knowledge will have my vote and

I hope the vote of many others!

Robin & Linda Cook

By email