Letter: Letter was a shock but made me smile

EDITOR - Having only just retired from LIVES, I decided that I now have time to properly read the Mablethorpe Leader - my local paper (instead of flipping through the pages in about a minute or so), and low and behold what do I find but a glowing tribute from my old group of dedicated First Responders in last week’s Leader.

After the shock and the smile that I exuded, which I guess equated to my humbleness, I decided that there was no way that I could be considered as a ‘Legend’: that is until I looked up the word in the English Dictionary, and ‘Legend’ is described as follows:-

“A collection of lives of saints.”

Well as the charity that I worked voluntary for is called LIVES and also that I live in Saint Frances Gardens, I’ve decided that I can live with that description – well at least for another week until the next delivery of our local paper arrives!

Best wishes and a big thank you to my old colleagues of First Responders at Sutton on Sea.


Sutton on Sea