LETTER: Looking into North Ormsby family history

I wonder if anybody reading this letter has any old or new photographs of North Ormsby Church, from the early years, through the last century and through to the present day and any associated history.

The name of the church is unknown to me, I was probably told when I was younger but cannot remember now.

This is the only church in North Ormsby and it is situated directly opposite the now disused chalk pit across the small valley/dip.

The reason for asking this request is I have an auntie buried in this churchyard and I’m trying to locate the grave and its history, death/burial occurred, I believe, in 1948 to the best of my knowledge.

Also there was a cottage on the right hand side of the pit beside the chalk pit - now demolished where the snowdrops grow - and this is where my mother, her siblings including aforementioned auntie, lived with their parents, Mr and Mrs Broughton - John and Annie respectively.

Would, or could, anybody have any photographs or history of this cottage and even know the name of it?

My grandmother Annie moved onto Fotherby in the late 50s approximately as my grandfather died in May of 1956, my grandmother went to live in the Allenby Alms Houses, my grandmother died in the June of 1979 and they are buried together in Louth cemetery.

Contact Mr R Whiting, 3 Hawkins Close, Brading, Isle of Wight, PO36 0HZ. Tel 01983 407667 with answerphone.

Richard Whiting

Isle of Wight