LETTER: Louth, a place not to miss

Well where do I start, I live in a town deep in Lincolnshire’s heart.

A place called Louth far away from the south

A warm and inviting place full of friends, family and a friendly face

The schools are the best in the land with teachers offering their helping hand

Parents, children and teachers a like working together with all there might

Helping all the children achieve and most of all letting them believe.

The hills and scenery around the town are blessed with beauty and rarely found

From the tops of the hills to the gardens of Louth beauty all around will leave you open mouth.

The pubs and restaurants all around the town to suit all people no need to frown, Friendly banter and interesting conversation is all you need for a warm invitation.

So visit us soon put Louth on your list it’s a place of serenity and not to be missed.

Hjordis Finnie