Letter: Louth is getting left behind

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My great grand parents, grand parents and my parents plus my brother, my sister and countless cousins are all buried in Upgate cemetery.

No doubt that is where I will eventually end up but hopefully not for a long, long time.

I grew up in the town and remember the old Louth of the late 1960’s onwards, catching a train to Alford and so I can truly say that I am Louth born and bred, unlike the leader of Keep Louth Special who is a relative newcomer to the town.

The problem here is these newcomers have a chocolate box image of what they want Louth to be. It is totally unrealistic.

Moreover, KLS are an almost militant like organisation. They pretend to defend the views of the people of Louth but they do just the opposite.

They ignore those thousands of people who actually welcome the idea of a supermarket and KLS also threaten and ridicule their opponents.

And if KLS take legal action against ELDC it will be every rate paying ELDC householder who will foot the bill. 
And where are KLS going to find tens of thousands of pounds to fight a legal battle that will almost certainly take years and end up in the high courts in London then?

KLS should either buy the land with their own funds or better still get a reality check and join everyone else in the real world.

I believe there is a genuine need for a Supermarket to be built on the cattle market.

This will keep retail within the greater town centre area and it will revitalise the Aswell Street retail area.

It will put a big FREE car park on the site allowing shoppers to park up and walk down Aswell Street and into town. I mean come on; even Mablehorpe is going to leave Louth behind when it gets it’s new Tesco, which means Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea and Alford and even some nearby Louth residents will not bother travelling to Louth to do their shopping.

So the whole town’s retail sector loses out here. 
With proper planning all retailers including sole traders and the supermarkets can thrive.

Anyone who knows anything about real town planning will be aware that the Co-Op only set up shop where there is a lack of a decent supermarkets and they are certainly not competitively priced.

Their two newest supermarkets are putting sole traders out of business including the two convenience stores on Newmarket. But I suppose KLS are happy with that.

Building these small supermarket such as the two Co-Ops and the new Aldi on the fringes of the town do far more damage to the town than most people realise.

They encroach on peoples homes and the pull shoppers out of the town centre. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Stephen Minister

from louthleader.co.uk