LETTER: Louth Malt Kiln is not an Aldi yet

Before the cheers go up and we start unfurling the flags, may I add on this particular predicted forthcoming occasion that we may somewhat be jumping the gun ‘Bulldozers Move in to Demolish Malt Kiln, Louth leader, October 8.

Because darn it all (and please pardon the pun), this old girl has stood the test of time for many a year with a growing fan club that would love nothing better than to see the Malt Kiln left as she is, even if one was to turn her into an Aldi store.

For one can even begin to imagine the delights of all those floors that when taken by the left would propel the customer into an Aladdin’s cave that would mesmerize the beholder with an eye for top quality goods.

And thus the ‘piece de resistance’ would be the top floor restaurant with a revolving base showing panoramic views of not only Louth, but on a clear day mile upon mile of a Lincolnshire that is totally second to none in the whole of England.

So, we are all allowed a pipe dream aren’t we? And if we are honest with ourselves these lads and lasses doing their upmost to bring her down in the allocated time for their much needed bonus had better think again when Aldi claims things will be up and running in the year 2015.

And speaking from experience as an ex climber of many a mountain, it’s all very well patting yourself on the back in getting as far as base camp as we see on the front page of our Louth Leader, for that self assured esteem soon disappears when looking up into the sky at a never ending summit.

Which again brings to mind the date, 200 and what?

Nino Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor