LETTER: Louth Mayor’s response to challenge

I was delighted to have been challenged by Ms Kate Levey in a previous week’s column in this paper.

Her regular ramblings in the main seem to have nothing positive to say about Louth and its inhabitants.

Yet given the numerous estate agents in our beautiful town I cannot quite understand why she and her husband Mr. Bill Nicholson have punished themselves by living in Louth for so long. Is this because the Ms Levey with “no political affiliation” now has a husband who apparently is the latest secret stealth weapon in the armoury of the Labour party?

Probably the worst kept secret in Louth.

Could all this mischief making be because we are on the run up to the elections next year.

In response to my comments about a political connection to East Lindsey District Council through the Town Council over the cattle market Judicial Review.

The Conservatives proposed at the District Council, the sale of the Livestock Market, increased costs for parking charges and the charge for green waste bins in Louth. All these proposals were agreed because the Labour Party voted to join the Conservatives.

When the Livestock sale vote was taken at ELDC, why were so may people suddenly absent from that room? Might it be because they did not wish to vote, because if they had voted against the wishes of their political parties they would risk being thrown out?

When Louth Town Council took the vote over Judicial Review, Cllr George Horton quite properly did not vote as his busy auction business is directly affected by the sale of the Livestock Market mirroring his voting abstinence at the District Council.

All the other people who did not vote for Judicial review at the Town Council were affiliated members of the two political parties previously mentioned in this letter.

It would seem to me, obvious, that they were trying to defend their ELDC political bosses. Personally I believe I am defending what is right for Louth, as I have no political allegiance. It should be the voice of Louth at the forefront and not the voice of Westminster.

Also to answer one of the most frequently asked questions. It was made clear to Louth Town Council by a previous ELDC hierarchy that we shall not see any of the multi million-sale proceeds in the town. Just in case you were thinking of a Skate Park or something that benefits Louth. The reply at the time was, don’t forget you did get the leisure centre. So let’s not be greedy now!

I must also thank Ms Levey for her last 10-minute visit to a Town Council meeting some months ago where she offered some rubber toy dolls to councillors, supposedly for stress relief. Perhaps there was a hidden message?

I am most grateful to Ms Levey for commanding me to outline to the public the true un-political version of events.

I am not paid and don’t collect expenses. I just tell it how it is. Regrettably some people find that hard to deal with. Ms Levey should be careful what she wishes for, but I am more that happy to enlighten the public now and in the future about the political skullduggery that goes on locally.

Mayor Andrew Leonard

Upgate, Louth