Letter: Louth must move with the times

EDITOR – RE the Keep Louth saga. I don’t think the council is thinking straight. It’s all right keeping Louth as it is; there’ll be a lot who agree.

But Louth is growing... and so are the villages which rely on shopping and other services.

The council has got to think years ahead. When a lot of the small local shops have gone or changed we don’t want to finish up like Alford and other ghost villages.

Driving up prices of fuel will make people stay local, but they want shops where they can have choice and can afford.

The public houses are closing. Where will people go?

Something must be done before it’s too late.

Yes, there is the Meridian Centre, but not everyone is sporty, not everyone can afford it. People with large families are struggling now.

The elderly disabled – is nobody thinking of them?

P J Kendall

St Edith Gate, Grimoldby