LETTER: Louth parking wardens have no common sense in their approach

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It was Saturday 22nd November around 4pm. My wife and I had been doing the weekly shop at a supermarket in town.

I left my wife at the checkout whilst I walked in to town to get the meat for the week from Lakings butchers. After finishing at the supermarket my wife drove the car round to the cinema car park and pulled in to an empty space to pick me up.

The car park had around 3 or 4 other cars in it and the rest of the spaces were empty. My wife had been there for around 30 seconds when I returned to the car.

As I was getting in to the car a lady traffic warden appeared from nowhere and demanded to see our ticket.

I politely said that my wife had literally just pulled in to a space to pick me up and we were on our way.

The traffic warden totally ignored this and said we needed to purchase a ticket there and then otherwise she would issue a fixed penalty notice. We reluctantly purchased a ticket.

Now we completely agree that Louth town centre requires pay and display to control parking, and this naturally needs to be enforced. However, it appears that the traffic wardens patrolling the town centre do not do so with any common sense.

This was a practically deserted car park, where we had been for around 30 seconds, and was in the process of leaving when the traffic warden came bounding across.

Is there any wonder people are starting to avoid going in to Louth town centre?

With the supermarkets we have, and the future Aldi and Asda on the horizon, 
why should anyone even bother to leave the free supermarket car park and go to the local butchers or green grocers?

I would suggest most people are happy to pay and display, as we are, when they park up in town.

But opportunistic traffic wardens quite clearly stretching the boundaries of their duties and trying to catch people out is wrong.

This will scare everyone away from the town centre and supporting the struggling local businesses.

I understand from speaking to numerous other people that this appears to be common practice for Louth traffic wardens.

Perhaps ELDC should sit up and take notice of the damage the wardens patrolling Louth town centre are doing?

Giving the wardens a lesson in common sense may be a good starting point.

J Willson

By Email