Letter: Mablethorpe deserves a swimming pool

EDITOR - I bought your paper on a recent visit and reading your viewpoint page and was astounded about the swimming pool fund.

It is not a few years of debate and fundraising, it is many many years worth.

My eldest daughter is now 33 and when she was a toddler we stayed at Glen Ridge Guest House, opposite the police station.

And the landlady was a keen supported of the swimming pool and fundraiser, so 30 odd year then at least.

The people of Mablethorpe so deserve this facility and it would be great for visitors and local businesses.

Me and my young granddaughters, aged six and 10, would consider having holidays in Mablethopre if there was a swimming pool.

Who would want to holiday anywhere without one in this day and age?

Mablethorpe has the best beach and is still lovely and unspoilt.

But my grandchildren turn up their noses at the mention of Mablethorpe as there is no swimming pool.

Take a leaf out of Cleethorpes book.

They’ve had a lovely one for years.