LETTER: Market Town Madness

I cant believe it ? they’re at it again,

The cattle are mooing in the rain,

Soon it seems, young Farmers dreams,

Will never materialize ever again,

The powers that be, look on greedily,

At plans to sell the market our pride and joy,

Years and years of auctioneers,

And all before them, they will destroy?

What right have they, to have lone say,

Destroy the past in one foul swoop,take our English Heritage away ?

Big money monsters that don’t give a hoot,

So soon instead of pens and sheep,

A car park and a big, big shed,

Plain and dreary, makes you weary,

Something that Town’s majority’s dread,

So round up the fiends, put em in pens,

Sell em to the highest bidder,

But am afraid we’ll be left with em, all,

For not one bid would public consider,

So next time you vote remember them all,

And use your powers to change,

This personal, give em pure hell,

And send em to roam on the range,

Brian Damms