LETTER: Meridian Leisure Centre pricing needs to be clearer

I would like to respond to Mr Mark Humphreys’ letter on February 25 regarding prices at the Meridian Leisure Centre. I was surprised to read some of his comments.

Can I ask Mr Humpreys in his role as Managing Director to make sure then that 
people are informed with the correct information when looking to renew memberships?

This is because on the day I was looking to renew, I was told there were no three month memberships available now whatsoever.

I would hardly be writing in complaining regarding the price if I had being told correctly that a three month membership was still available, but now £9.50 cheaper at £100.50 if you take up a direct debit, would I?

If anything, I would have praised the cheaper price. This has obviously happened by mistake.

Can I add that this comment is no reflection on staff at the facility. I always find everybody very friendly and helpful.

So thank you Mr Humpreys for giving me the full price list and fully explaining the situation to me.

Now I can make a proper choice next time when my membership comes up to be renewed in the future.

I hope this helps other members who may also want to renew in the future.

Paul Dawson

Chestnut Drive, Louth