Letter: Misleading over EU jobs

I’ve recently received an election circular from one of the minority parties that tries to claim that 3.5-million jobs will be put at risk when our country pulls out of the E.U.

This claim is at total variance with the recent report by the Civitas Think Tank, using OECD figures, in which they have categorically stated that THE TRADE BENEFITS OF THE EU ARE IMAGINARY AND THAT THE CLAIM ABOUT LOSING JOBS IS MISPLACED.

This is simply the latest of a longseries of reports, from varying sources, coming to the same conclusion.

About 40% of our exports used to go to the original six EU members before we became a member.

Now about 40% of our exports, only about 16% of our country’s production, go to the 27 other EU countries - thefigures indicate that such exports have significantly shrunk.

However, even the current export figure is an exaggeration as it includes some exports to the rest of the world that go via the EU - notably via Rotterdam.

The resultant two-thirds or so of our exports to markets outside the EU indicates that we have no problem as regards alternative customers for our goods.

Further, which is significant, imports from the EU far exceed exports.

The claim about the loss of jobs comes from the deliberate misrepresentation of a passage contained in a report from many years back.

The author of the report objected to this misrepresentation but as the bigots, as we can surely rightly refer to them, had little else to support their pro-EU stance they relentlessly continued their scaremongering deceit.

Another example of that political party’s dishonest spinning is the unbelievably blatant misrepresentation of a local candidate’s remarks, those made by Roger Helmer, by a journalist working under the direction of the son of a Lib Dem opponent of Mr. Helmer.

It hardly seems any wonder why the Lib Dems are having such difficulty in finding electoral candidates (e.g. last year’s local elections and the recent Horncastle by-election); why a “You Gov” poll predicts that they will receive less votes than even the Green Party in the forthcoming euro-elections and that they will, nationally, lose all but one of their MEPs.

It is worth adding the newsworthy point that the rapidly rising UKIP membership is soon liable to pass the plummeting Lib Dem membership. It seems that natural justice will prevail.

David Axton