Letter: Modern flood warning system is right move

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I read your article in last week’s Mablethorpe Leader on sirens with comments from Cllr. Bob Dawes one of the six councillor’s that represent Sutton on Sea and one of the 18 that represent the whole of Mablethorpe, Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea Town Council areas.

The issue is of course a County Council one and as the County Councillor I would like to comment.

As rightly pointed out again in your excellent piece the sirens were well past there sell by date and unreliable. The thinking at this time is to protect the people by well established sea defences but have a more modern approach to warning if a situation was developing that could possibly cause flooding. A siren is ok but what does it mean? A breach? A risk? Is it now? Is it tomorrow? Is it in an hour? Also a siren cannot give you advice.

No I think the adapted, text, phone and email system is the right modern approach but it requires people to sign up to it. If the money was plentiful I think having a siren as an addition to the warning system currently in place would be a good idea and I would support but money is not in plentiful supply so that point is mute.

In December when there was a worry with the high water and surge I received all three warnings by email, text and house phone plus my wife also had a text on her mobile as well. Then I did my bit by telling others and going to monitor the sea at the main pullover ready to report to Lincoln if anything serious happened at that point, thank goodness the sea defence and beach nourishment programme did the job and nothing did happen at Sutton, just a bit of splashing over.

Regarding the sirens I am afraid they are a thing of the past, like steam trains and trolley buses, but the economics and practicality don’t stack up to having them again much as I would like them.

County Councillor Steve Palmer

Lincolnshire Independent