Letter: Money is town council’s

Re: Article – MAP CIC wants input on projects.

Having read this article with interest, it implies that these business people are generously prepared to spend lots of money on improvements to Mablethorpe.

What they failed to mention is that the money they want to spend on these projects is the S106 monies which come from the Lindum Housing & Tesco Development. A total of some £800,000+

They have formed a committee, in co-operation with an Executive from Lindum, to ensure that their Committee has total power over spending and projects.

Considering the Lindum Development and Tescos was arranged through ELDC and Mablethorpe Town Council, it seems bizarre that this money will totally by-pass the authority of the democratically elected Town Council.

This money should go to the Town Council and be dealt with by a Committee formed only of elected Councillors. And it should be the Businesses who are putting forward applications to the Council for any proposed projects!

T Biddle

By email