LETTER: Money needed for fixing potholes

EDITOR - I see that the highways have been given even more money to fix our roads. One can hope that it is going to the job that it is being allocated fixing pot holes.

Over the years I have reported many holes either direct or via the local parish council, quite often some repairs are done but not all.

There have been miles of 20mph sections of road. This would be fine had the hollows and holes been filled first.

One section of road I reported has been resurfaced, you drive over it, your vehicle vibrates and rattles, the holes now some two inches deep, the loose dressing now out are clearly visible again.

This is a clear sign the essential repair work had not been done.

A while ago I found the resurfacing team sealing the manholes etc. I asked them whether they were going to repair the holes. I was told they only surface the road, the repairs are done by the council and they had not seen them.

This promoted me to contact highways, to be told we have a crew in front of them, yet some holes are still there.

On another occasion, I was informed that the crew had been on sigh for 20 minutes, this being a lie, as I had been there.

The dangerous edges are not being done. If we get a bad winter with wet and frosts, the roads will be in a worse condition.

When the puddles in the roads are subjected to traffic, the hydraulic effect eventuality makes a hole, this getting larger over time.

I have forgotten one thing, I am an elderly disabled motorist who believes that a quick resurface has cured the problems and the vibration of bumps and holes are part of my imagination.

C Higgins