LETTER: More Louth homes means more Louth flooding

Friday November 14 I wrote to you regarding the potential impact on Louth from the building of an estate on Grimsby hill. .

I have now been updated by a good friend and the situation is far worse than imagined.

Apparently the number of houses to be built is 240 plus a home for 80 OAPs.

At a rough guess, this will mean about 30 acres of farm land being covered in cement and buildings where there is no water absorption and run off from rain is instant and severe.

One inch of rain on one acre of land weighs 100 tons. Thus for 30 acres, one inch of rain will be equal to 3,000 tons suddenly pouring down Grimsby hill. Since one inch of rain is common place, it means that the West side of Louth, including St James church is likely to be subject to frequent flash floods which in the event of, say, four inches of rain could be very severe indeed.

Do our councillors know what they are doing of?

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth