Letter: Motorhoming has moved on

If Coun Davie’s letter had named or identified anyone, then I think it quite possible that he would be facing legal action for defamation of character.

As it is, he has taken a group of people, motorhomers, and laid into them without fear or favour and tarred them all with the same brush.

Apparently we are all lawless, freeloaders and spend our time harrassing local residents. Nice.

Unfortunately for Coun Davie, it is also not generally true and his launching of an intemperate tirade at us will not make it true. It is true, however, that any group of people can have its bad apples.

Other countries and, increasingly, even parts of the UK recognise the money that motorhomers can bring to an area and willingly provide parking and very basic services (waste and water) either at a nominal charge or for no charge at all.

Typically, stays are limited to a period of between two nights and a week. Contrary to what Coun Davie seems to believe, motorhomers who tour this way will not typically use campsites, for a whole raft of reasons. Indeed, in one three month trip round the whole of Scandinavia, I used a campsite on just two nights.

I paid €7.00 for two nights, including swimming pool, just outside Prague. This is your tourism competition, Coun Davie. Motorhomers would rather their money went to local businesses in return for things that they need...food, fuel, souvenirs, ice creams. Many motorhomers simply don’t need or want campsites and find it difficult to understand why they should pay for something they don’t need. Money that is not paid to the

campsite owner is benefits spread of other local businesses. Motorhoming has changed a lot over the last decade. It is time that Coun Davie recognised that the market has changed if he wants to attract the tourists.

Polly Conroy