LETTER: Muddled ideas on Louth progress

As a recently returned resident of Louth, and someone who has spent my working life in retail, I felt I had to email to express my disappointment at the recent council vote.

There are a number of reasons why I believe allowing the development to proceed are symptoms of muddled thinking.

Firstly those who want to “move Louth forward”. Is the best expression of moving Louth on an Asda supermarket? Bearing in mind all the challenges that face us, is an Asda supermarket( Owned by an American parent company, profits from Louth will find their way to Bentonville in the USA)really the way to express the ambition to move Louth forward?

Second, to those who say the residents of Louth are denied lower food prices. Well the Aldi store, when opened has prices that are 
5% lower than Asda over a range of essential items, explaining their rapid market share growth at the expense of all the “big” supermarkets.

Then there’s the argument that we are denied access to our favourite branded product. Well if I want 
say Tesco muesli I’m still going to have to drive to Grimsby.

So we have a decision, which will within a year of opening ( both the Aldi and Asda) have a devastating impact of the fabric and character of this town, how many of say our butchers will still be in business, I think numbers will at best half from today.

So an ironic “well done” to the members of the council who voted “yes”, shame by the way on those who abstained on such a crucial vote for the town, when it came down to it was it just about money? Unfortunately I believe it was, what a shame, I hope this appalling decision may yet be overturned later on during the approval stage.

Andrew Mackenzie,

Westgate, Louth