Letter: Must do more for swimmers

EDITOR -In response to your article on the pool hire charges faced by Louth Dolphins, I find the response from ELDC most confusing.

Mr Humphreys says in the article that tax payer’s subsidise the Meridian Leisure Centre, yet also says that swimming club membership fees are not a matter for the district council.

As the elected members of the district council set the fees and charges for the services they provide, then both the level of subsidy and the charges made to the swimming club MUST be agreed by the district council.

Is the real truth that members of the district council see the swimming club as an easy way to subsidise the running costs of the pool by exploiting what is effective a monopoly position?

I am quite stunned to read that our teenage athletes are being ripped off by choosing a healthy lifestyle and spending many hours training hard to be the best they can.

We should be doing all we can to support our kids quest for success, not use them as a cash-cow. These young people deserve better.


Adrian Close, Louth