Letter: No freeloaders, just on holiday

I have just been made aware, via MMM magazine, of the letter published in your newspaper on the 16th April 2014.

I am sure you have received other responses to this but I feel I have to respond to your writer too who is quiet obviously a small minded individual.

I have just had a long period of caring for, first my mother who passed away in 2011, and then my father who 
passed away in December 2013. Because of this my last holiday of any kind was in 2000.

My first intention for buying a motor-home was that I would be able to take Dad on short breaks with me as there was no way I could go and leave him. Altzheimer’s was slowly taking him away and I wanted to enjoy what might have been the last year with him. Sadly he passed away before I could do this.

I still continued with what was now a dream, to go on holiday almost any time and almost anywhere, I like peace and quiet and run away from confrontation,

I also like independence. I have no intention of ‘wild camping, parking overnight in council car parks or anything like that. I always plan to use proper sites, for the facilities and the security that they offer.

I reached 60 years of age this year. I am not and will never be the sort of person that goes around ripping off height barriers just to park in a poxy council car park making a mess wherever I go.

If height barriers are the only way that councils can keep the traveller types that do this sort of thing then that is what they have to do, just don’t brand me and the vast majority of motor-home owners as one of them. Does the letter writer brand all humans as murderers because murderers exist?

Just for the record I had never heard of Louth but now I am planning to head your way and see if it is just the individual or the town that thinks I am a freeloader - incidently, I would happily pay extra to park in a safe specified space.

I am writing this whilst on my 1st holiday in my new motor-home and I stopped at Burnham on Sea which has designated motor-home parking bays in it’s council car park, I stayed for a morning, spent some money there and didn’t dump anything.

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