LETTER: Not all homeless deserve homes

The knee-jerk reaction of universal condemnation of the anti-homeless signs was predictable, not least to the person(s) responsible. What the motivation was behind the campaign I don’t know, but I suggest it should prompt us to think a little more deeply about the issue of homelessness.

Not everybody who is homeless deserves to be housed at somebody else’s expense. If you fall into reduced circumstances because of misfortune or ill-health then you deserve help. But, if homelessness is a result of being workshy or feckless, or you prefer to spend your rent-money on alcohol or drugs, then you do not deserve help, and shouldn’t get it.

Neither should we be housing every foreigner who manages to con, blag, or steal his way into the country. At the moment we are concreting over huge tracks of precious farmland (not least around Louth) to make good a shortage of homes caused by the influx into England of masses of foreigners who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Let’s draw a lesson from this incident which may well have its origins in anger and frustration at political stupidity and profligacy, and house only those who deserve to be housed.

Roger White

Swallow Drive, Louth