LETTER: Not the power to close Huttoft Car Terrace - only here to serve

Response to letters in the Leader Wednesday April 9.

First of all Mr. Peat says I threatened to close the Car Terrace at Huttoft. Thank you Mr. Peat for thinking I have the power to close the Car Terrace.

I am the local county councillor, duly elected by the people of Sutton on Sea, Alford, Huttoft and Bilsby and some of the smaller hamlets in between.

I am a Lincolnshire Independent and part of the opposition and a back bencher so I am really flattered by Mr. Peat and his belief that I can decide things for the County Council.

I did not threaten to shut the Terrace but merely warned people that it could be an option.

Mr. Peat also has the opinion that car owners are just jealous of Motor Home owners. Not one person I have spoken to have ever said such a ludicrous thing.

He also thinks that I put up the barriers, again wrong, I don’t have the power as I have already stated but I do support the decision in the short term to stop those who have been abusing the Car Terrace for years and before I was elected.

In my election campaign in which I went to every house in the division and spoke with as many people as possible,

I discovered in Huttoft the problem with the Car Terrace was worse than I already knew and I did as part of my election campaign promise I would do what I could if elected to tackle the problem.

I keep my word and although you may not like the way the council is tackling the problem, Mr. Peat, at least it is now being tackled. Mr. Peat also says that I am being congratulated by a tiny self interested minority.

I think the minority that should be looked at are the selfish few who are causing this problem and I do not include the proper tourists who stay on legal sites including the motor home owners.

He says he does not condone criminal damage but neither has he condemned those that have nor has he admitted that if a small minority of motor home owners were to stop overnighting then the problem would not have been here in the first place.

He also states that I have pandered to the wrong people, sorry Mr. Peat, I am not pandering to anyone but if you mean I am supporting my communities who are having their lives being made a misery, then yes guilty.

I would support you in similar circumstances but you don’t have that problem do you? You may be being inconvenienced while the County Council get to grips with the problem but you are not suffering misery.

No Mr. Peat I am the elected councillor for this area of the county and if you don’t like my actions you will have your vote in the future but in the meantime I will do what I think is right for communities that I represent.

Mr Beacroft, I do sympathise unreservedly for the situation caused by a few selfish people who are locally ruining the reputation of motor homers.

I repeat that it was not a threat just a statement that closure of the site was an option, which I also stated that I hoped it would never come to that.

I do find it incredulous that all the fuss people have made about the District Councils decision to charge people for parking in their car parks that some are now saying that the County Council should charge for the Car Terrace.

It would be much simpler if the selfish few desisted from overnight parking then all could benefit for free but these people are sheltering behind the majority of motor homers and using them to support and fight for their “freeloading lifestyles” which is being paid for by the people of Lincolnshire.

Finally the Council are not hell bent on closing the Car Terrace but are hell bent on stopping those who are causing criminal damage and illegally parking overnight.

Name and Address supplied, thank you for spending your hard earned cash on fuel, food, meals and bar lunches but why then think that some are entitled to boycott our hard working local people who are trying to eke out a living by running touring camp sights and stop on a site not for overnight parking?

It is not occasionally, it is persistent by some. Those barriers were built very strong, motor homes were near the site and near the barriers yet not one of them heard anything? Not one heard the noise that must have been made to destroy the concrete and the metal work? Perhaps very sound sleepers?

Who knows but someone did the damage and some then took advantage by moving straight in but I expect they were perfectly innocent. Maybe it was Sea Elves?

I never spouted anything. I did not say all were “freeloaders and tourists” what I said was a handful of selfish people were freeloaders and I make very big distinction between people who want to illegally park on Huttoft Car Terrace and think they have a right to live there and tourists who come and benefit the local economy by staying on proper legal sites plus all the other spending you indicated.

The first are not welcome and are ruining it for all. The second are welcome and I would ask them to bear with us while this problem is sorted.

County Councillor Steve Palmer