LETTER: Oh dear Labour, Oh dear Mr Milliband

In his closing speech at this year’s Labour party conference, Ed Milliband, apart from omitting key issues such as immigration,the EU and Britain’s balance of payments, droned on about improvements to the health service and increases to the minimum wage.

To pay for all these Utopian benefits that will make Britain such a wonderful place to 
live he is, “going to tax the rich”.

Oh dear,oh dear oh dear have you, Mr Milliband, not learned anything from your socialist chum who came 
to power in France, not long ago?

He tried to tax the rich to pay for a whole range of new unaffordable benefits. The result?

1) The rich moved out of France in droves, taking their money and businesses with them

2) Large numbers of people became redundant and changed from paying tax to being on welfare

3) National expenditure went up while income came down making the country’s economy much worse

4) To try and recover the situation, tax rates to the working man in France have risen

My daughter and family have lived in France for some 12 years and have personally experienced the increased cost of living and increased taxation since a Socialist government came to power.

People of Britain, be warned. Labour’s promises may look rosy but plumb the murky depths below and all you will find is a rash of impossible promises which will, once again, drive us to bankruptcy.

For those of you who think that I am a Conservative – not so, I shall be voting UKIP at the next election.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth