LETTER: Oh what nitty nonsense

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I am a retired former school nurse ‘Nit Nurse Nora’ and I can’t believe that schools in this area are sending home pupils with head lice (Louth Leader 06/01/15).

Wholst nits are unpleasant and unfortunately seem to carry some stigma, they are hardly life threatening and children who are infected are not ill so do not deserve to have their education disrupted.

Nits are not confined to one child and for every child in a class on whom head lice are noticed there will be several others infested but who go unnoticed by class teachers.

Unfortunately, nits are a fact of life, particularly in primary school children and just as some children seem to catch every cold going, some unlucky children seem to be continually re-infected, despite the best efforts of parents, the sending home of these children could have a catastrophic effect on their education.

From another point of view, sending home ‘nitty’ children must have an effect on the attendance records of the school concerned, with them never achieving 100% attendance as there will always be someone within the school who is infected.

N Jones SRN Ret’d

Welbeck Way, Louth