Letter: Parking sympathy

EDITOR - Complete sympathy with Nick Adams, fined for parking in Eastgate, I am so sorry you have had to take the action you outlined in your leter, after supporting Louth businesses for so many years.

I have had a similar experience in Eastgate. Having forgotten to pick up potatoes when shopping earlier, I pulled up in Eastgate, ran across to Robinsons and was back in three minutes when the man in the helmet laughingly shouted to me I was in a no parking bay, I thought he was joking about a ticket, responded accordingly (!) and drove away. No ticket on the car and nothing in the post, I didn’t think any more about it. However around three weeks later, I received a letter from Lincolnshire County Council demanding £70 apparently, as I hadn’t paid the fine within 14 days of the incident, there was no reduction.

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