Letter: Parties playing election games

Your coverage on the recent European Elections has been very informative.

However, I have noticed that UKIP and the Lib Dems have been playing a numbers game this year as far as percentages are concerned.

When Nigel Farage unveiled his famous election poster with the words “75% of our laws now come from Brussels”, Nick Clegg claimed this was wrong, and said the real figure was only 7%.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter! The point is the European Union is more to do with overturning laws rather than creating them, in the name of so called “European Unity”.

This was not mentioned in the European debate. Did you know that 100% of our laws can now be overturned by Europe?

I’m not saying Europe will overturn all our laws, only that they can. The emphasis being on “can”. This is the message that should have been on Nigel’s poster.

Unfortunately I don’t have millions of pounds to spend on posters to get the message across. but I suppose the Louth Leader is a start!

We may not like this figure, but if we want to continue to be a member of the EU we have to accept it. Otherwise we must get behind Nigel, and get our referendum - or simple just leave.

When foxhunting was banned in 2005, it wasn’t the Parliament Act that had the last say. It was the European Court of Human Rights.

A compulsory membership for being in the European Union. Prisoners will soon be able to vote, because the European Court of Human Rights says they can.

Nearly all our laws can be overturned at the will of European Judges.

We should be looking carefully not at the laws Europe sends us, but at the laws it can overturn. A European right the British people have had no say on.

I’m very disappointed with Labour and the Lib Dems. Their refusal to give us a referendum on a very important issue is so wrong and undemocratic.

It is done on purpose. We need to get out of Europe, Louth!

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