Letter: Plenty of wind alternatives

In reply to Mr Roy Huttons letter (Leader 20th June) trying to be funny about Mr Grosvenor’s concern regarding the Industrialisation of our lovely county by these inefficient monstrosities.

Just where have you been Mr Hutton? China brings one coal fired Power Plant on stream every week, India has now stopped its Green Agenda as has Australia, Germany is now building new coal Power Plants. USA now relies on shale gas.

Without subsidies, Wind Turbines are unprofitable and cannot produce affordable electricity to meet the Countries needs for Business and the public.

I am a pensioner and cannot afford to pay Rich Landowners my share of their £15,000 yearly subsidy per Turbine.

Consider also the huge polluting diesel generators that are now in place standing by to produce power when the Wind Turbines don`t.

Regarding other alternative Power supply, how about Nuclear, Shale Gas, Coal, or even tidal power. We have plenty of alternatives to useless landscape blighting Wind Turbines.

All you have to do is some research.

David Futers