LETTER: Political party councillors were whipped, Independents listened to Louth

Following on to the letter sent to you by Mr R.Mawer, regarding Government hypocrisy, he is quite right.

Regarding planning matters I feel sure that the Councillors of the main parties (i.e. Labour and Conservatives ) are whipped into voting as their leader instructs.

Councillor E. Ballard,( L.T.C.), Councillor J. Malkinson-Sanders ( L.T.C./ E.L.D.C.) and myself who are all independent Councillors, listened to what our residents wanted and worked together with the residents of St Michaels and St Mary’s ward and were able to get the Southern Gateway proposal refused on two occasions.

Mr. Mawer is quite correct in assuming that an Inspector will pass the development, however this a great example of councillors working closely with the electorate and getting the result that they wanted, without being a member of a larger group.

This is where it is important for the residents to, when called upon, 
vote for local important issues that matter to them, and this is what independence is all about.....local issues and not listen to what policies are decided on in London.

George Horton

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