LETTER: Politics is destroying all that is great in Great Britain

A poem in the letter column recently declared our troops who died in WW1, ‘didn’t 
die in vain.’ On the 
contrary, it is painfully and dreadfully obvious they DID die in vain.

Were a trooper who was killed a hundred years ago, brought back to life and introduced to life in Britain 2014, what would his first impressions be?

The first shock would be that the country he died for so we could remain free, independent and democratic - no longer governs itself.

It is now a mere province of a 28 nation European Empire, dominated by Germany, not unlike the sort of future the Keiser had in mind for Europe, had the Germans won.

Worse, the governing body ruling over us is totally undemocratic, unaccountable, unrepresentative and (with a budget rejected by auditors for 20 years) corrupt. The president of this cabal, an ex PM of a tax-haven nation the size of Manchester, has recently been exposed as having been a crook in office - but he still has more authority of what happens in our once free nation than our own elected Prime Minister has.

Not only that, our trooper would be amazed to learn, but the land and peoples that evolved such human rights fundamentals (unknown in Europe at that period) as habeas corpus, trial by jury, due process, and the rule of law, is now subject to laws laid down by 37 nation (the ECHR) miss/mash made up of so-called judges such as Dmitry Dedov of Russia, Khanlar Hajiiev of Azerbaijan, Ayse Isil Karakas of Turkey and Valeriu Gritco of Moldova and many more like them.

We do have a single representative, 36th in order of precedence, a certain Paul Mahoney, former Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Saskatchawan, Saskatoon!

When it comes down to it, we have a got ourselves in an arrangement where, (in the living memory of many of us) those countries that were filling up cattle trucks of humans to send to the gas chambers in WW2- now lecture US of all people, on what is law and justice.

But the greatest shock awaits our trooper as we let him wander around in many of our towns and cities. The building look a bit familiar, but who are all these strange hordes of people inhabiting the places.

Gradually he becomes aware that the people he once knew, who marched in their millions to defend King and Country, have been replaced, in one of the greatest acts of collective folly known to the annals of mankind.

And when he further learns that it is absolutely inevitable that this once green and pleasant land will become the most densely populated country on earth by 2050, he would plead to return once more to 1914 to tell all his comrades, the 800,000 of the bravest and best of our best quality gene-pool about to be slaughtered, that their lives (and that of their progeny) are too precious to be wasted in this unnecessary conflict as the substandard offspring of those spivs and cowards shirking the war back home, became the post WW2 traitorous politicians that destroyed our glorious country far more effectively than the Kaiser or even Hitler would have.

William Boreham

Welbeck Way, Louth