Letter: Proposed development completely unsuitable

Editor - Re proposed development of land to the west side of Grimsby Road, Louth.

As the owner of a property in Fanthorpe Lane, I attended the public exhibition to present the scheme at Louth Town Hall on March 4.

This land is not suitable for this scale of development.

It is outside the limits scheduled for the future development of Louth.

The single point of access to the site is completely unsuitable for the number of new residences proposed. Visibility for traffic approaching from the north, and turning to the right into the single access point is poor, and will lead to collisions with vehicles coming from the south, over the brow of the hill that is Grimsby Road. Should this happen it would block the only means of access to and from the site. This could be catastrophic if an ambulance or fire engine were to be required within the site.

There is only a pavement on one side of Grimsby Road, which is the eastern side, not the western side where the proposed single access is. Besides the greatly increased traffic flow in and out of the site there will be many pedestrians, particularly at ’school’ times, for which it will be a necessity to cross to the eastern side of Grimsby Road.

If a pedestrian crossing was introduced, traffic chaos is likely to occur at these peak times.

On your information leaflet, also repeated in the local press, it is stated that there is a ‘critial need’ for new dwellings. There is a need for new dwellings nationally, but this is generally in the south east of England and some cities.

I understand that there are already planning permissions granted for 363 new homes within Louth, of which 229 are outline permissions. Surely this number will meet the market demand for a number of years

If we take an average of say four persons to each future dwelling 363 + 240 = 603 x 4 = 2,412 increase in the population of the town, from its current figure of 15,930 to 18,342.

Michael Starsmore