LETTER: Questioning faith schools

Re - An interesting question time (Louth Leader 25/03/15)

In regards to Faith Schools, Mr Spratt’s letter raises three interesting questions.

The first, is Religion part of our culture?

By Religion I believe Mr Spratt is referring to Christianity.

As we no longer Discriminate against Women,Hang Witches, Commit Genocide against entire races, take slaves or kill people we regard as abominations, all sanctioned by The Bible, then no, the United Kingdom culture is not based on Christianity.

Do Faith Schools “ram religion down children’s throats”?

Mr Spratt might like to believe that, for example, The Church of England runs schools out of the goodness of its heart.

But the facts are clear. Nowhere else are you allowed to discriminate against a potential employee on the grounds of sex, belief or Religion.

Faith schools can insist that all employee’s as well as pupils are of the same denomination, have compulsory collective worship and, under certain circumstances, are inspected by a person chosen by the governing body.

Teachers do not even need to be Qualified and given just a religious test.

Are Faith schools Dangerous?

Mr Spratt seems to be under the impression that “Faith School” means “Christian School”. In fact this is not the case.

Any religion can be considered for a faith school and there are examples of Muslim, Sikh, Jewish and Hindu.

It is farfetched, but not impossible, that by Mr Spratt’s own reasoning, one day we could see a Church of Satan Academy.

P McLennan