LETTER: Questions over schools policies on lice

After having to ask my boss for time off work yet again to go into school to collect my child on whom head lice 
have been ‘noticed’ and it being suggested by my 
boss that perhaps I should consider whether I am 
able to continue in employment, I decided to do a little research into guidelines on how schools should deal with head lice.

Not only do the guidelines say removing children from school is unnecessary, it is apparently also illegal in Britain - this information is easily found on the internet.

As I continually treat my child and send her back clear, only to find a couple of weeks later that she is again infested, which would indicate that not all parents are treating and given that the school is acting illegally, I shall no longer be removing her from school. If this illegal policy is one adopted by your school, I urge all other parents to adopt the same stance.

As the school would, in theory, be entitled to fine me for any unauthorised absence, I am currently looking into what action, if any, I may take in order to ‘fine’ the school for the illegal exclusion of my child and the possible loss of my job.

Name and address supplied