LETTER: Readers urged to have their say on Anglian Water’s policies

EDITOR - Mr Thorp’s letter (Is Pipeline cash well spent? January 23) is very well timed and I would encourage him to take the chance to have his say on the Discover, Discuss, Decide consultation which we launched earlier this week.

First, I wish to clarify that the project to build a 60km pipeline from our reservoir at Covenham to help supply Boston is a £40 million investment, rather than £340 million.

Mr Thorp questions why we are building a pipeline instead of more storage reservoirs which would increase the availability of water. We are doing so to make the best use of the water we have in our region.

The project will help us to move water to where it is needed most, in this case the rapidly growing town of Boston. As the water supplier for over four million people we must consider the availability of water all across the region, and not just a single county or a collection of towns.

Last week we launched the biggest consultation we’ve ever had with our customers - Discover, Discuss, Decide. We want as many customers as possible to have their say on investment priorities as we plan our business up to the end of the decade.

Questions like Mr Thorp’s are central: things like should we be building more reservoirs? Are we doing enough to tackle leakage? And are customers aware of what is available to help save water?

I urge Mr Thorp, and all your readers, to have their say on the future of our water and our region by visiting www.discoverdiscussdecide.co.uk.

Antony Innes

Anglian Water