LETTER: Real concern for future of education in Mablethorpe area

As County Councillor for Mablethorpe, I was as shocked and surprised as many parents, pupils and residents to learn about the threat to our High School via the media.

An outrageous omission considering that the Academy has been in talks with Lincolnshire 
County Council and that the local people sitting on the Board of Governors must have known about this issue.

Yet no one considered informing or involving me in any meetings.

Issue of this importance and possible impact on a Division/Town transcend mere politics and I have contacted both the Executive with portfolio for Children and the Head of Children’s services.

Firstly to ask why I was not made aware of possible problems and secondly to ask that I be invited to take part in any further meetings or discussions.

I am hoping, after the Easter break, to have meetings with them and the Principal/Vice Principal of MDTC to clarify exactly what the current status is and how they intend to deal with the problem of low pupil numbers.

We all do need to understand that as an Academy School, MDTC has taken itself out of the control of the Local Authority and receives its funding directly from central government, but they must still abide by local authority education laws regarding schooling provision for children.

And, in this sense, we can all rest assured that, whilst the reduction in the number of teachers is worrying in itself, at least at the moment, there is no threat of closure.

I was informed that the issue of MDTC will be brought before the Children & Young Persons Scrutiny Committee in July, but I am hoping to be able to bring the town up to date on all relevant facts before then.

Also, I think it is important that 2 or 3 parents act as spokes-people for the 
Parents/Children and 
I will personally accompany them to LCC to attend the above Committee Meeting.

Can any parents interested in being spokes-persons and attending the meeting in Lincoln in July please contact me on: 01507 442598 or email: candaer@btinternet.com /


Cllr. Anne Reynolds

County Councillor for 
Mablethorpe & Trusthorpe