Letter: Reasons why we have laws

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Godfrey Bloom, as usual does not understand the reasons why Lincolnshire County Council have had to take action to address a lawless and vociferous group of freeloaders who think they have a right to dictate to the taxpayers of this County how sites in our ownership will be managed.

Over the last few years a group of people have inundated the Huttoft Car terrace and taken it over as their personal private park and essentially used it for the summer season without any regard to others.

That has been to the detriment of our local community who have to live with this group of people who have resorted to intimidation of local residents.

They have also now become a deterrent for the high quality tourists who wish to visit the area and enjoy it.

My job is to stand up for Lincolnshire and its tax payers and therefore we will continue with the process until the lawless and freeloaders end up in Court with the County Council prosecuting them for breaching the byelaws which have been lawfully consented by the Secretary of State.

Our council is not anti motor homes or those who travel in them. What we are is anti the freeloaders and those who make the lives of local residents a misery. However long the process has to be, Huttoft Car Terrace will be cleared of these people and the byelaws will be enforced for the good of the residents of the area and for the Tourism industry that I am proud to champion.

Councillor Colin Davie

Executive Councillor for Economic Development, Environment, Strategic Planning & Tourism Lincolnshire County Council