LETTER: Reflections on 2014 and looking forward to 2015 election

I would like to send to all the residents of Alford, Sutton on Sea, Huttoft and Bilsby and all the smaller villages and hamlets in between a very Happy New Year.

Reflecting back over the last year and looking forward to 2015 has mixed feelings and I would like to thank again those who supported me during my run in with Cancer during the last quarter of the year.

I am happy to report my CT scan results for December show all clear. I would like to offer my sympathises to anyone who has lost a loved one during 2014 whether through Cancer or any other cause and my heart goes out to you. On the plus side, I am to be a grandfather again with our Daughter expecting the birth in April 2015, her first child.

2014 also was mixed on the political front at County Council. Democracy had a success with a Judicial Review that stopped the Council in its tracks to think again on its plans to dispose of Alford and Sutton on Sea Libraries and hand them over to volunteers to fund and run which in my view would be a detrimental step and fraught with sustainability issues.

Democracy also had a set back in the last meeting of the year when the Leader of the Council put forward a motion that effectively stopped the right of the people to present a petition which up till now would spark a debate for all councillors to take part in if more than 3,500 had signed it.

This motion was debated hard with opposition members including me bitterly opposing but due to weight of numbers of the conservative coalition it was passed.

This leads me on to May 2015, the elections. This time we have Parish, District and MP elections. I, like many of you are finding it hard to have faith in our MPs. Many people have asked if I would stand for MP?

Not on your nelly, I like living here and certainly do not want to start travelling in and out of London or worse still moving to London in a second home.

No I will stick to fighting for us at local levels as an Independent councillor, if re elected, even though I could certainly use the money and perks that an MP gets.

I hope you can come out in May and exercise your right to vote in the three elections.

So in conclusion I hope the year ahead brings you happiness, love and health and for Lincolnshire a fair share of support and money from central government.

Happy New Year.

Steve Palmer

Lincolnshire Independent County Councillor for Alford and Sutton