LETTER: Removal of cheap rate at Meridian Leisure Centre

In response to the article regarding the Meridian Leisure Centre being open 5 years, there was one comment in the article I found confusing. ‘We have already removed certain fitness contracts in a bid to make the Centre more accessible for local people’ said Mr Ian Emmerson OBE.

What an odd statement to make. What this actually means is we have removed the cheapest membership of 3 months for 110 pounds and now make an adult pay 199 pounds for a 6 month membership, with no alternative in between. This can only be to increase profit at the facility.

As a regular user of a 3 month membership I was annoyed to hear this. I know other gym users also felt the same way.

Even a member of staff said to me that the 3 month membership was very popular with customers. So why change this?

I also noticed they haven’t dropped the price of a 6 month membership to allow for the 3 month membership no longer being available.

My point is this kind of price increase is out of the reach of some people in one go. In my opinion I believe leisure and fitness should be open to everybody.

With this kind of lower price Membership taken out of the equation i feel this isn’t the case. This is why i disagree with Mr Emmerson’s comments.

I hope Mr Emmerson takes my views on board. In my opinion a good leisure facility puts people participation ahead of profit making schemes.

Only then will the Centre be more accessible for local people.

Paul Dawson

Chestnut Drive