Letter: Residents are right to be concerned

EDITOR - Following Diane Russell’s letter that was published in the Mablethorpe Leader last week, she is right to be concerned about our current sea defences and although tested by the surge tide in December, they have not been tested to the same extent as other parts of the country during January, that suffered both high tides and massive storms.

She is also correct to worry about the funding stream for the current sand re nourishment that ends next year.

Without the sand buffer I doubt some parts of our older concrete defences would survive very long against storms such has those seen along the South and West Coasts of England and Wales.

It is hardly reassuring to learn that the Environment Agency is to lose up to a further 1500 staff and that the agency budget is still well below its level when this Government came to power.

My belief is that National Government would do well to spend more on flood defences than Foreign Aid, which currently stands at £10billion and that we’d all be much safer if they did.


Sutton on Sea