Letter: Residents should take action

EDITOR - I wish to appeal to the Louth Leader readers to take action in trying to stop the development of 970 new affordable homes that are being proposed off Legbourne Road in Louth.

A very few of us have sent out various letters to the Planning Councillors at ELDC to object to this overdevelopment of houses in Louth, which - with the already passed plans for other developments in the area - will increase the population of Louth by an extra 25 per cent.

I hear people talking, saying it will not happen, or that it will happen anyway and there is nothing I can do. 
I appeal to these people to email, or preferably write, to ELDC with your viable concerns of the impact and effect that this development will have on our market town of Louth.

I used to live in Humberston Avenue and when the very first field was sold for development, a precious few of us campaigned the residents to help stop or reduce a new house development. At that time the plan was to put a link road from Humberston Avenue though to Trafalgar Park, New Waltham.

We could not drum up very much support from the Humberston residents, but the residents in Trafalgar Park came out in force to reject this road coming anywhere near their properties.

They won the appeal and to this day the developments are still increasing in Humberston Avenue, but Trafalgar Park remains unspoiled and traffic free.

So please: your letters will work if enough of you make the effort.

Tony Hogg