LETTER: Response on Meridian Leisure pricing

I write in response to Paul Dawson’s letter in the Louth Leader on February 18 in regard to membership at the Meridian Leisure Centre.

We do of course welcome all customer feedback and can more expediently consider and act upon it when it is provided directly.

When Magna Vitae became responsible for the operation of leisure centres in East Lindsey, on January 1, the Trust took a decision to remove the ‘contract’ requirement and streamline its membership options to provide more flexibility to users.

The three month cash membership, which was £110, now costs £100.50 but is payable by 3 monthly direct debits of £33.50 – so the price of a three month membership has reduced.

We are of course willing to maintain the 3 month cash payment of £110 for those users who would prefer to continue as they were.

January was a record month for the Meridian Leisure Centre with 255 new members joining and 3583 visits to fitness classes.

The changes that have been made have been well received by many customers.

Mark Humphreys

Managing Director, Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture