Letter: Rules need to be enforced

I have just read the letter from Mr Strangeway regarding Huttoft Car Terrace and can scarcely believe its contents.

There has been a lot of emotive language used on both sides of this argument over the past months, but at the end of the day the County Council have decided that Camper Vans and Caravans are banned from Huttoft Car Terrace.

If indeed Mr Strangeway has challenged the County Council to prosecute him and they have failed to do so, then it is incumbent on them to explain the reasons for not doing so to their Council Tax Payers.

The problem seems however to be symptomatic of modern day living, following the pattern of if you don’t agree with the rules just ignore them.

Let your dog foul wherever it wants, park in the disabled bays, just do as you like.

It is sad that on the 70th Anniversary of D Day that such attitudes prevail, it reminds me of a little chap who strolled round Europe some 80 years ago saying much the same thing and challenging anyone to stop him and we all know where that ended.

This little chap famously said ‘I have no further territorial demands’ and we also know where that ended.

When Mr Strangeway has tired of the Car Terrace will he want to park in my front garden, it’s quite handy for the sea?

We are constantly reminded of all the cash benefits that tourists, either legal or illegal, bring to the vicinity yet over recent years Huttoft has lost its Post Office, village shop, its pub was closed for several years although now re-opened and even its Chapel has gone.

What benefits are brought to local camp site owners by those who camp illegally?

It really is time that this problem is resolved one way or another and in that respect I do agree with Mr Strangeway inasmuch that the County Council should either put up or shut up because all they are doing at the moment is making themselves look very silly.

Maurice Hayward

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