Letter: Sale of Cattle Market is right

I believe that ELDCs executive board have made the correct decision in advising their full Council Committee to vote in favour of the sale of Louth Cattle Market.

The market occupies a site far to large for it’s present day requirements and the location would be better suited for other types of redevelopment whether that’s retail or housing.

KLS and LTC do not have a mandate to speak on behalf of Louths residents the Council had nothing in it’s manifesto about the sale and KLS are an unelected group who speak soley for the few independent shops in the town. MLF who came along as late runners in the debate with over 1600 members in there group express the majority view that Louth needs development for the many and not the few.

I do hope that this will be the end of the matter and KLS do not selfishly try to prolong this process at great cost to the local ratepayer and of no longterm viability.

Bill Nicholson.

By email