Letter: Sand problem will never go away

EDITOR - The build up of coastal sand along the esplanade between Mablethorpe and Sandilands is an ongoing problem that will never go away.

Strong North Easterly winds dump thousands of tons of the stuff each year along this stretch of coastline. Removing it back onto the beach is a constant headache for East Lindsey District Council, and it costs a lot of money to do so.

There is only so much the council can be expected to do, and only so much money available for this project. Those people who are constantly bellyaching about the sand should stop whinging, and exercise a bit of self help. Where have all the men gone these days? Have they never used a shovel and a wheelbarow? There are too many namby-pambies around with glass backs and hands like a baby’s bottom, who shriek at a bead of sweat on the brow.

In Canada it is commonplace to have 10 foot of snow to clear from outside the front door each Winter, but the men there don’t cry, they just get on with it. If all the able bodied men of Sutton and Sandilands co-ordinated themselves to have a sand clearing blitz they would shift it all within a few days, and make friends at the same time. Come on men, grow a spine.


Maltby le Marsh