LETTER: Shocked at behaviour of Louth Town Councillors

I writing to inform you as a member of the public of the behaviours of Mayor Andrew Leonard his way of intimidating Councillor Laura Stephenson was shocking and Councilor Wing outburst shouting Shut up at her slamming his fist on the table shouting really loudly when she was speaking she was questioning the mayor the mayor became more angered by staring at her his face was bright red and was making comments stop playing games she spoke softly and said i have been ill but not informed this is why i ask.

I Went to the Louth Town Council meeting on 15th of July as a member of public and what i saw there was a utter disgrace and uproar and disgusting bully tactics on Councillor Laura Stephenson, since when do other councillors be allowed to shout “JUST SHUT UP “ and slam their fist on the tables and say things “ let her hang her self!” The Mayor stare was damn right nasty and even said to her stop giggling or you be out!.

Her giggle was her response to there bully tactics it was utter disgrace and shocking to watch they need to apologise to councillor laura Stephenson for the shocking behaviour.

Regardless of any disagreement on the matter they should not have behave that way towards her and should apologise.

Name and Address supplied