LETTER: Shocked at destruction of wildlife patch in Trusthorpe

“I was appalled,” “it looks horrible now,” “there must be a method in their madness,” were just some of the remarks from people visiting Trusthorpe cemetery who, like me, could not believe 
their eyes as that wonderful mature wildlife area round the small Paddock next to the village hall car park, not bothering anyone, was chainsawed to ground level right in the middle of bird nesting season and, an early spring?

It was a mixture of flowering shrubs and bramble thicket which provided shelter from North Sea gales and protection from predators, also food from the blackberries in the autumn for the wildlife and the people who picked them.

It screened the cemetery which can now be seen from the main road and sheltered the first two 
seats on the right as you go in the cemetery, now open to the elements blowing in from the seafront and the car 
park. The amount of wildlife it attracted would have also been beneficial to the allotments by keeping insect pests down.

As another lady said, visiting her husbands grave, “there won’t be anywhere left soon for the birds if they keep cutting it down.”

For the birds getting up that morning it would have been like a small town being wiped out and the residents coming home after their working day to find their homes destroyed, wondering where they would be able to sleep that night.

The council couldn’t come up with an answer and, as yet, neither has The Leader, so, on behalf of those other people so upset by it now.

Because I feel so strongly about it I’m prepared to sign my name instead of ‘name and address supplied’ and take any flack I may get back for the sake of the wildlife made homeless there.

S Reder