LETTER: Sir Winston certainly our greatest Brit

I have no time for detractors of Sir Winston Churchill who scorn the greatest Englishman of all time after his death when he has no ability to reply.

His detractors constantly harp on about Winston’s foibles and his mistakes as their defence. There has never been a great man yet who has not had foibles – indeed, it is perhaps these that make men so great. As for mistakes – yes Winston did make mistakes, but if you make decisions you are bound to get some wrong. The man who has never made a mistake is the man that has never made a decision.

For me, Wiston saved our country twice

The first was during the 1930’, when parliament packed with mice and not men, booed, cat called and pronounced Winston a ‘war monger’ (substituted today by the cry ‘racist’). Winston, showing the courage of a lion, would not back down and adamantly maintained that appeasing Hitler and his evil clique was a futile, useless and dangerous waste of effort. As we know, Winston was proved right, but we should never forget that the majority of MPs at that time were all for handing Britain over to the Nazi jack boot.

The second was when at the start of world war 2, we stood alone against the German hordes. Winston, over came his speech impediment and became a great orator creating courage and the will to fight to the death amongst most Britons.. When one looked at the impossible odds we faced at that time it was the iron will of Winston that drove us on to eventual victory

I know of no greater Briton prior to Sir Winston Churchill and certainly there has been no one, fit even to try on his shoes, since his passing.

Malcolm Bouchier

Park Row, Louth