Letter: So many houses already on market

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Editor - One must wonder why it has suddenly become so urgent to build so many houses in Louth when there are already so many already on the market for sale and to let.

At least part of the answer must be the District Council’s desperation to gather as much income as possible, thereby distorting its judgement to the extent of making so many long-term adverse decisions in pursuit of this objective. And what will be the situation when they have run out of property to sell and of people to fill any additional residences? It seems that ‘things can only get worse’!

A reason for their predicament must surely be the national government’s opposition to any increases in Council Tax. This only leaves the District Council the expansionist objective – or to undertake a programme of austerity as they have helped impose upon us (the Council Tax payers).

The politically neutral Taxpayers’ Alliance has been very critical of much council expenditure and we are all, surely, critical of the County Councillors’ relatively massive pay rise that comes out of our pockets when our incomes, in real terms, are often so diminished.

Another adverse factor emanating from the government is their stoking of yet another housing bubble to give the deceitful impression of a booming economy. It has been reported that around 80 per cent of the national economic activity relates to property. Even to the most inexpert, this is obviously not a sound basis for any economy, although it does help to boost the incomes of Cameron’s very rich friends. They get richer and we, generally, get poorer. The government thus seems to be trying to obfuscate the situation to get them as successfully as possible through the forthcoming elections and then we shall see their true colour – not the greening of the blues, as they might like to be regarded, but, more likely, jaundiced yellow.

D Axton